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Commentary: Holistic system of care essential to achieving mental wellness for children, teens

The pediatric mental health crisis is too big for any one industry or community segment to tackle on its own. It is essential for healthcare, education, law enforcement, the faith-based community, government leaders and agencies and private sector leaders, to work together on solutions. Creating new services to address the need is critical as well as ensuring children and their families have access to care.  We can look to innovative practices such as CHOC Children’s Health System, based in Orange, Calif. It created a co-occurring clinic. This is a publicly funded outpatient program that treats children and teens who have serious or chronic physical illnesses or disabilities, as well as mental health conditions.

“Providers and payers can agree that mental and physical health are intertwined and that the need to address health holistically extends to the health of children, teens and young adults. What’s more, a child’s health problem often impacts the entire family and can place additional stress on a parent who is juggling job and family responsibilities.”

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