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July 18 Kick Off Event! Join Us!

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Are you a parent? A community member? Business owner? Someone who has suffered with mental health or has a loved one who has? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

NAMI Merced County is a local non-profit offering classes, support groups and training to those who are suffering with mental illness and just as important, their family members and communities that they live within such as SCHOOLS, AGENCIES, and COMMUNITY groups for children and adults alike.

We have recently increased our classes, groups and training, all facilitated by people who have either suffered with mental health issues or have a loved one who has suffered. We truly understand and we want to hear from you on what and where we need to be and also how you might be able to help. Your help may just be in your voice, it may be as a Board member helping shape what our organization does. It may be to help give voice for your family, your culture or even where you work or go to school. Please join us!

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