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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 – October 6-12

Each Mind Matters – Each year in early October, we come together with advocates across the nation to fight stigma and raise awareness about mental health in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week. We all face different levels of mental health challenges at some point throughout our lives, and 50 percent of us will experience a mental health challenge in our lifetime1.  Unfortunately, stigma can often get in the way of reaching out for help.

Mental Health Awareness Week gives us all the opportunity to highlight the year-round fight against mental health stigma and the difference mental health awareness efforts can make in the lives of everyone. With 70-90 percent of individuals reporting improved quality of life after receiving support and treatment, it’s clear to see why raising awareness is so important to the well-being of so many2.

This week, we will post about some ways to get involved in the Mental Health Awareness movement!

1CDC: U.S. Adult Mental Illness Surveillance Report
2NAMI California

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