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Mental Health Services at University of California Campuses

Graduate students at UC Merced have reported a serious and growing need for mental health services at the UC Merced.  This summer, the California Legislature passed a $214 billion budget that includes $5.3 million for student mental health services.  This funding is necessary to maintain the current level of counselors within the university health services.  It is unclear whether it will provide the necessary funding to increase services.  At the ten-campus UC system, the number of students seeking mental health services rose 78 percent between 2007 and 2018 while student enrollment for the same period increased 27 percent, according to Taisha Caldwell-Harvey, mental health policy analyst in the UC president’s office.  The University of California system reports that they have increased access to mental health services at many California campuses from one counselor for 1,735 students in 2014 to one counselor for 1,168 students in 2018.  Students in this age range are most at risk of developing a serious mental illness and need early intervention services.

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